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What's New Around GW Farms April 22, 2024

Hi Folx,

Is anyone else praying for rain? The warmth during the day is lovely and the hens are outside living their dust bath life but grass is the saddest brown I have ever seen. We are down to a handful of roosters which means our flock health is in good order and our girls are free to roam. Feathers are filling in and Gary is being furious at dirt bikes. Just when you think that old Tom turkey is a senior citizen he attempts to fight a machine. His worst enemy.


Our tomatoes, peppers, squash, watermelon and canteloupe are thriving, most have been transplanted to bigger pots and my grow room/office looks like a jungle. It's lovely. We look forward to sharing our produce with you and our eggs as our latest chicks are due to hatch next week! (This is always so exciting)

It is almost field work time which means half of our team will be out in the fields and the other half will be watching flocks and other animals! 

For now, Bring on the rain!

For more information about our produce line and whole chickens, or to be added to our egg delivery list email us at

What do we have available now?

pork roasts,




eggs and

whole chicken!

What's coming:

Sprouting has begun!

Micro greens sprouted to order! where the "S" comes after farm because we have two of them!


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