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What's New Around GW Farms January 30, 2023

Hi Folx,

Well we made it through January which for me seemed to last forever yet I didn't have enough time! I had a success this week in finding new hens that were a) healthy and b) reasonably priced. They made the trip home well and we only lost one which is sad but impressice since transport is hard on chickens.

They are currently in their own barn quarantining as a precaution for avian flu or any other chicken diseases. They are doing very well and have given us eggs daily which I wasn't expecting right away. This brings with it some ease as we have a solid egg customer base and our original hens are hitting the 5 year mark and crossing the rainbow bridge. 2023 is for the birds here at GW Farms and we are glad you are here to follow along!

Green Work Farms, where the S comes after farm because we have two of them!


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