What's New Around GW: May 22, 2022

Hi Folx!

  YES! Battle of Alberta, Crops in, May long weekend? What else can we ask for right now (besides equality for all and safety for all in Ukraine, and those suffering at the hands of mass shooters.) This is a time to be grateful for sun and simplicity if you experience it because what an absolute privilege those things are. 

As we sit in the sun feeding our pigs peanut butter (follow our instagram to see the videos which are either ASMR or a walking nightmare if you don't like chewing) We are grateful that we can feel back to normal and filled with joy living peacefully and joyfully.

If you haven't noticed, and we hope you have, our new bison products are here and Monday is when our full collection will be on the website. The patties are wonderful on the grill. They are lean and seasoned to perfection. Pop over to our bison product page and check them out today!