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What's New Around GW Farms May 14, 2023

Hi Folx,

This year of growth is SUUUUUPERRRRRRR triting. I am so grateful for our farm and all my animals but I am definitely missing the sense of routine when you are settled. Our pigs have started moving to their new home, our chicken barn is going but had a pause due to field work. I am envisioning the days when I stroll out, have a coffee, and do all my chores in one spot and I cannot wait! I am also waiting for more chicks to hatch, ducklings and maaayyybeee if I am lucky, a turkey or two.

What do we have available now?

Beets (cylindria and detroit)

A wide variety of beef cuts and of course hamburger patties

eggs by appointment! where the "S" comes after farm because we have two of them!


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